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From established global players to promising young companies, our clients trust us to provide them with the sector and market expertise and investor reach to enable them to fund their growth and development.

Who We Are

Confida Ventures Limited ("Confida Ventures") provides business consulting and financial consulting services to a broad range of clients through a customized approach to every client that focuses on achieving a high level of understanding of their business model and growth plans aspirations, and connecting them to investors and service providers within our network of contacts in the relevant sector.


Confida Ventures’ activities encompass a wide range of advisory and consulting services including in relation to capital raising, reorganization and restructuring, M&A and emerging businesses’ advisory & structuring services for institutions and qualified individuals from the Middle East and North Africa (“MENA”) region, as well as foreign/global investors.


We are an independent firm that is unencumbered by the potential conflicts of interest inherent in bulge bracket firms. We are never in a position where our client's best interests are in conflict with our own. We serve as trusted business consultants and advisors, providing in addition to classical consulting advice, ideas and strategies that we would pursue ourselves were we acting in management's capacity. 


As part of Confida’s fiduciary duties to clients, we endeavor at all times to put the interests of its clients first.

Demanding excellence and superior quality in all that we do

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